Clint Valentine

Private eye, private guy


In a former life, Clint was a cop, and a damn good one. He never backed down, never flinched, and his word was better than gold. His biggest weakness was women and kids, and when a crying mother begged him to find her missing son, he couldn’t have stopped himself from dashing head long into the Hedge if he had wanted to.

Lifetimes were spent, frozen in place, the missing son always just out of his icy reach. His Keeper made him into a living statue of ice, and would thaw just long enough for Clint to take a half step forward, only to become frozen solid once again. It wasn’t until Clint turned his frustration into a burning-cold rage that he found the strength to break free.

Once returned to the mortal world, it didn’t take Clint long to act like the cop he once was. Though not on the force, he set up shop as a hard boiled private eye, just as enduring and dogged as ever. He takes the cases no one will touch, champion to one lost cause after the next. Though this time around, he’s without the same sharp understanding of humanity as he once had. In fact, he can’t shake the feeling that, on some level, he’s hunting for that, too.

Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Snowskin

Clint Valentine

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