Gentleman John

It's all in the footwork


Once upon a time, Gentleman John was an awkward fool with a club foot. Though he had the heart of a graceful dancer, his body couldn’t keep up. His yearnings caught the attention of the Gentry, who offered to fix his foot, simply at the price of dancing for them. Dazzled by images of who he could become, John fell over himself as he desperately agreed.

They made him dance until his feet were bloody and raw, until his body was held together by pain. He danced with the elements of fire and lightning, with men made of shards of glass and women made of bleeding sorrow, with his greatest fears and most sacred of desires. Night after night after night, he danced. When he fled, he hoped that the Hedge would kill him, though it didn’t.

Gentleman John is a throwback to the Roaring Twenties. He stands when a woman enters the room or leaves the table, and he always holds the door for a lady. He teaches ballroom dancing and fencing; both call for footwork and posture, a closer pair of siblings you won’t find. Though he has a kind word for everyone, if pressed, he has the business end of his walking stick for a select few.

Gentleman John

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