Iron Daisy, Mistress of Arms (NPC)

Resident one woman army




Iron Daisy has, to put it mildly, seen some shit. She has seen it, hunted it down and killed it. The shit tells stories about Iron Daisy to its kids at night to get them to behave. It’s probably in your best interests, though, to not ask about the scar that runs from throat to navel. She’s gifted in just about all forms of combat, which she puts to use defending the Freehold, and training anyone brave enough to take her as teacher. Iron Daisy doesn’t pull punches, though she might use blunted blades. If she remembers to.

Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Summer
Entitlement: Tolltaker Knights

Iron Daisy, Mistress of Arms (NPC)

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