Will Do (NPC)

A newly fallen former hero




Once upon a time, Will Do was making a name for himself in the Summer Court. He was known for his word being as strong as his Stonebones hide, his shoulders strong enough to bear the weight of the world, and enough fight in him to go around twice.

That was before a rotten bunch of Loyalists set some Keeper’s hunter on the mewling childlings he was tasked with protecting. Will never stood a chance, and in the attack, he was rendered unconscious. When he awoke, his wards were gone, and he was left under a mountain of suspicion.

In time, Will was cleared of all accusations, though his reputation was ruined. He knows the Court calls him Will Don’t behind his back, that they’ll always see him as Loyalist sympathizer (no matter that he was cleared), and forget about any of the heroics he was once known for. All of that is gone and dead, and it just makes him angrier and angrier.

He’s been set up on some ridiculous “guard” duty, some outpost no one’s been near in ages. The Court can’t afford to be down any more headcount, so they won’t banish him. No, they’ll just keep him hanging on, dying one piece at a time.

If luck doesn’t go his way soon, Will Do can’t be sure of exactly what he’ll do.

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Stonebones
Entitlement: N/A

Will Do (NPC)

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