Rules and Character Creation

For base character creation, we’ll be pulling from The God Machine Chronicles (GMC)as well as Changeling the Lost (CtL). Below are the guidelines to follow.

CtL Updates
It’s limited at the beginning, but will open up through game play. It’s easier to list which Merits are allowed:
Harvest, Token

GMC Updates
1. Basic Build
You’ll build a character using the stock system. There will be no bonus XP, though there will be plenty of opportunity to generate some.

2. Merits GMC p. 161
The following Merits are not allowed during creation:
Any of the Supernatural Merits, Allies, Contacts, Fame, Hobbyist Clique, Mentor, Mystery Cult Initiation, Retainer, Resources, Safe Place, Staff, Status, True Friend

3. Aspirations: GMC p. 150
These are goals that your character has established, both short and long term. Fulfilling these earns the character Beats; more on those to follow. Initially, your character probably won’t have much by way of long term, though that’ll be made clear, at the very least once we start playing.

4. Beats GMC p. 157
Through fulfilling certain criteria, your character will gain 1 Beat. For every six Beats you get, you gain one Experience, a.k.a XP.

5. Integrity GMC p. 184
This is replacing Clarity. While it will largely work the same way, this is a more versatile system, tailored to the specific character. It’s a better approach, over all, though it is a bit more time intensive in the beginning.

6. Breaking Points GMC p. 155
These are the character-specific trigger points that will often result in rolling for potential Integrity loss. Initially, this may not play a large roll in things, but will in time.

7. Experience
Merit: 1 Experience per dot
Skill Specialty: 1 Experience
Skill: 2 Experiences per dot
Attribute: 4 Experiences per dot
Goblin Contract: 2 Experiences per dot
Affinity Contract: 3 Experiences per dot
Non-Affinity Contract: 4 Experiences per dot
Wyrd: 5 Experiences per dot
Clarity: 3 Experiences per dot
Willpower: 1 Experience per dot

Rules and Character Creation

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