Broken Jane

There's always a price to be paid


Once upon a time, Plain Jane was hunting for knowledge. She was no stranger to the dangers that lurked within and protected knowledge of the arcane and occult. Her gift of prophecy helped her hunt knowledge and stay wary of dangers. She sought a way to free herself of Keepers and fetches and the Hedge, and still retain her Changeling gifts. This drove her further and further, pushing her limits, pushing her sanity.

And then she reached too far. Caught up in her own hubris, Plain Jane felt to her marrow that she was on the verge of breaking away from her perils. And then things went…wrong. It was as if reality soured in some way. She read the passage aloud, just as her research had told her, and she felt part of her freeze, crystallize. It wouldn’t be until later that night that Plain Jane would learn that all the use of Contracts were beyond her grasp, as was reading prophecy. In a cruel twist, Goblin Contracts were all that was left to her.

Broken Jane, as she insists on being known, hasn’t lessened her efforts. She wields her considerable knowledge of all things faerie in a fury. She is hellbent on destroying the Gentry, no matter the cost, and isn’t above recruiting for her cause. Goblin Contracts have taught her to endure, to survive the double edged ways of them. She’s ready and willing to burn and bleed for her end goal.

Though it is fury that drives her, she can be charming when the need arises.

Broken Jane

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