Heyward "Toole" Blake

Ex-military Political Fixer


Short-term aspirations:

- Get the night bartender fired
- Make contacts with the local human political establishment

Long-term aspirations:

- Become an established part of the local Changeling political hierarchy


Heyward Blake doesn’t talk about his childhood. He doesn’t talk about anything before joining the marines actually. But from then on one might think he was a superstar. From the popular boot camp bully to hero on the battlefield, Ward was always in the spotlight. Well, at least as far as his own view of the world.

It’s unclear why he left the military, but as he tells it there were…special circumstances. “Rules don’t apply to the important,” Ward likes to say, “but occasionally, when a point has to be made, a sacrifice of power must be made.” Suffice to say, his release from service covered a much larger breach of law and order. For this, he was given a job.

That job – a minor figure in mayoral politics – proved to be his forte. His discipline and training gave him the physical presence to intimidate, while his natural charm and manipulative personality allowed him to worm his way into places few others could get to. Within a year he was a favorite around the office, seemingly able to make anything happen…as long as you didn’t care to know the details.

Heyward "Toole" Blake

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