Jarius "Arch" Wright

Innocent EMT Playboy


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering

Virtue: Generous
Vice: Arrogant

Int: 2
Wits: 2
Res: 3
Str: 3
Dex: 2
Sta: 3
Pre: 3
Man: 2
Com: 1

Skills of Note:
Medicine (Emergency Care) 4
Athletics (Sprinting) 4
Brawl (Grappling) 4

Tolerance For Biology
Striking Looks

Dream 2
Vainglory 3


Backstory: Jarius Wrent was special, and he never let anyone forget it. Whether on the football field or in the halls of school, Jarius was known and respected. He always had a date and was the MVP of his high school football team. In college, he was a star – that is, until he got injured. While it left no permanent damage, the sudden realization that his looks and talents could be destroyed from sports caused him to drop out of his ivy-league school. Moving to a smaller, lesser-known university worked out well as he was instantly the talk of the town, the largest fish in a small pond. While not academically inclined, he managed to graduate with a degree in biology and became an EMT. He wanted to help people, to save lives. And he was good at it, which he never let anyone forget. But life after college presented a new challenge. Women weren’t as readily falling into his bed, and one unfortunate night his frustration and anger lead to rape. When he was arrested, he could scarcely believe what was happening. How had his life turned into this? How could someone as good as he become locked behind bars? The legal process ended with him going free – the jury loved him. But the community he lived and worked in did not. And they never let him forget it.

It wasn’t long before Jarius packed up and decided to try a new place. On the road he stopped to take a leak, and that’s when he was taken…

Jarius became a prize pony, a pet treated to pampering and pleasure when winning competitions…and unimaginable pain and torture when failing. Whether in the throes of passion or pain, his master enjoyed the sight of his wracked body bending back on itself, the mortal arch contorted as directed. And Jarius was never allowed to forget it.

Jarius "Arch" Wright

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