Vinnie Corenzo

"I was framed, I tell ya!"


Vinnie is a mid-level jack-ass, a would-be mafioso with a streak of dumb-luck keeping him in the criminal business. However, that streak ends after crossing Silas. Stiffing him on payment led to a campaign to ruin Vinnie’s reputation that quickly got out of hand.

Vinnie was recently arrested on child pornography charges and many documents found at his home show that he may have been involved in human trafficking and smuggling known terrorists into the country as well! He swears he was framed! Vinnie is now looking at spending the rest of his life (which may not be particularly long) in prison, although there are rumors he may have escaped custody for a short while and returned to his home temporarily…no one really knows why.

Currently Vinnie is in a state prison near Bristol, CT and in the process of being transferred the Federal Penitentiary in Canaan, PA..

Vinnie Corenzo

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