There. Now we look so much better, don't we?


SEEMING: Wizened
KITH: Chirurgeon

TOKEN: Bone Scalpel – A short, seemingly ivory blade engraved with incomprehensible lines and runes. It grants the user+2 on any medicine roll for conducting surgery. The Drawback being that it demands near total attention of the user; -2 on any perception roll beyond the procedure at hand. CATCH…the scalpel has been left beneath the patient’s pillow the night prior to the surgery.

Aspiration: (Long Term)

  • Create a large, comfortable and well-organized home where he is control of his surroundings.
  • Discover the secret to why he was left in that alleyway so…incorrectly.
  • Find out who he was in his prior life.
  • Join Bishopheric of Blackbirds

Aspiration: (Short Term)

  • Move from a volunteer basis at the Free Clinic to a regular, paid position.
  • Move into a position of some status within the Freehold


  • Eidetic Memory
  • Token
  • Harvest (Relief)
  • Professional Training (Doctor)
  • Ambidexterous
  • Resources 1
  • Tolerance for Biology
  • Mentor 2 in Bishop Tom (for learning skills related to the Bishopheric of Blackbirds)


  • Artifice 1-2
  • Smoke 1
  • Hearth 1-2


Squired to Bishop Tom.
Has agreed to serve as the freehold’s medic.


Whistler can’t remember Faerie; at least, not consciously. It’s better that way.

What he can’t remember doesn’t change how he reacts. He isn’t beautiful in any classic sense, but someone of a more artistic sort mind find him attractive simply by how symmetrical he is…then, if they paid attention long enough, they would find that same symmetry off-putting. Everything about Whistler is a mirror image. When it isn’t, such as when he awoke in an alley way with a small “VII” tattooed to his right cheek, he simply cannot abide by it for long. Fortunately, he has two perfectly calm hands that could tattoo an equal and opposite “IIV” on his left cheek.

Somewhere in Faerie there’s a reason for that “VII” that he can’t remember, but what he fears more is how lopsided that reason might be.

Whistler is genial and sycophantic and seems incapable of being a borrower without being a lender at the same time. His mein is a slender and short hairless man with bluish-tinted skin, wide intensely-green eyes and long, spindly fingers with extra joints. Any marking on his skin is doubled…including a now small “IIV” and “VII” tattoo on his left and right cheeks (respectively). He can often be heard humming or whistling various classical masterpieces to himself, though he himself does not know what they are…another reflex from a time he can’t recall.

Whistler works at a local free clinic where he seems more than happy to tend to the most upset and desperate patients.


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