William Kinney

Captain of Industry


William Kinney is a powerful businessman in Bridgeport, Connecticut. His family has held a stranglehold on the shipping industry in the city and it’s suburbs for over 100 years either through political acumen, economic takeovers or just plain old brute force. He is an imposing figure, a large former boxer who’s very presence lets you know that he can take you on if he wanted to and if he wanted to you’d already be begging for his mercy.

Kinney has his fingers in almost every aspect of Bridgeport, Connecticut’s industry and politics. His largest sphere of influence is on the docks and airports and pretty much anything that comes in or out of the city goes through one of his intermediaries. Many of the political movers and shakers in the city have done so with a “by your leave” from the Kinney family. It is an open secret that he is connecting with a variety of smuggling operations and organized crime, but none would ever challenge him.

The Kinney estate is a large, aging mansion on the edge of Rook’s Beach, overlooking Long Island Sound. In recent years, William Kinney has seemed very detached and paranoid, rarely leaving his mansion. He has developed a near-obsessive attention on the Rook’s Beach neighborhood and the comings and goings there.

William Kinney

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