Fresh From the Hedge

Big Changes

While in Bridgeport, CT, MacTavish abruptly finds himself in the company of Nix, fresh from the Hedge and a complete amnesiac. Fleeing from Hedgehounds and a baying hunting horn, they’re rescued by a dapper stranger named Benjamin Hassan. Benjamin provides sanctuary for Nix for a time, and charges MacTavish with returning in two weeks time. When he does so, Nix and MacTavish stumble and abruptly find themselves in Times Square. After slowly making their way back to Rook’s Beach, they learn it’s been a week since they stumbled.

They arrive at the freehold just after a terrible battle with a giant crab, and after meeting the others, call it a night.

From here, shenanigans ensue.

Alan and V take interest in a jack in the box Nix arrived with. The Librarian offers to identify the nature of the box, though she needs to see it first hand. After a series of machinations, which involve the old Indiana Jones bait and switch, the box is acquired.

Early on, Silus had given V the job of getting vengeance on Vinnie, a former client who didn’t pay up. While V was putting things into motion, Nix was also pulled into things, seeking out Vinnie as she thought he had her jack in the box. At the end, between the child pornography and the fake IDs, Vinnie was set to go to jail for a long, long time.

There were some misunderstandings that led to Steve thinking Vinnie had been released from jail and returned home, as well as Nix telling MacTavish that Vinnie the child molester had had his way with her, which led to MacTavish tearing Vinnie’s house apart, which ultimately resulted in V returning Nix’s jack in the box to her.

The Librarian reveals the box likely holds the memories of the amnesiacs, though it can’t be opened without the assistance of goblins that reside within the depths of the Hedge. The problem is that the Hedge is swarming with wicked beasts since the arrival of the amnesiacs.