Fresh From the Hedge

Step Right up! Step Right Up!

Fun on the Fairway

A three day block party has been set up to bid adieu to Summer’s rule and usher in Autumn reign. To the mortal world, it looks like an fall carnival, complete with contests of skill and feats of strength. The characters enter into a variety of challenges.
  • MacTavish tries his hand at a mallet-and-bell game, and wins. A competitor, and fellow ogre, is enraged at his defeat. A brief mêlée ensues, ending with the ogre unconscious.
  • Alan sets up a caricature stand, and finds himself doing brisk trade. His skill and business acumen garner him the attention of the local Courts.
  • Nix enters into combat in an open sewer in an alleyway. After a valiant struggle, is defeated.
  • Steve enters into combat (I think?) with some manner of result (probably).
  • V entered into a knife throwing contest and was victorious.
  • Hayward did what Hayward does, mostly an assortment of stuff and things.

The victorious characters then went on to the bonus round of dreamscape combat!

  • V was pitted against MacTavish. The darkling blinded the ogre, and then threw knives at him until “dead.” Though defeated, MacTavish was so impressed with V’s skills that he spoke glowingly of him to the Summer Court. The WInter Court, too, had taken notice of the darkling’s tactics.
  • Steve fought a creepy creeperson, until a particular outcome was achieved.
  • There may have been another battle, but my current food coma has clouded my memory.

The next day was more subdued and far less violent. The characters took a trip to the local goblin market, and sought out someone who could answer questions about Nix’s memory box. This resulted in the group learning of a factory in the Hedge that makes them. After some discussion, the group elated to gear up and head into the Hedge to find the factory.

Armed, armored and given an accompaniment of four soldiers, they set out the following day.