Fresh From the Hedge

Running Scared

The group hits the ground running

Three Changelings — Steve the Elemental Earthbones, Whistler and V. Just V — awake abruptly in an alleyway in a strange town. They don’t know where the alley is, or who they are, and before they can start asking questions, a chilling hunter’s horn echoes across the still afternoon. Terror strikes the three, and all they can do is flee in fear for their lives.

Running madly through a shipping yard, with the baying of savage hounds joining the hunter’s horn. V spots a container that seems to stand out silvery, and leads the group to it. Standing guard is an Ogre Stonebones named Will Do. After a brief string of questions (“The fuck are you? The fuck is this? The fuck?”) and hearing the baleful horn and hounds, he rushes the trio into the special container. Once inside, the doors swing shut and the sense of dread fades.

After walking a ways, the group finds themselves inside the Middle of the Road, the freehold of Rook’s Beach, CT. Their arrival goes unnoticed at first, as a raging argument between two of the freehold’s leaders, the [[:name-the-summer-king-npc | Summer King and [[:name-the-autumn-queen | [Name] the Autumn Queen]], is well underway. Will Do tells the freehold’s collective leadership of the pursuer, the Gentry’s Hunter. The freehold rushes into lock down, on high alert as battle plans are drawn and security measures established.

Bishop Tom approaches the group, offering an introduction into Court politics and its various members. Once determined that the trio has no memory of where they came from, or why they have Roman numerals tattooed on them, they receive a crash course on Changeling life.

The freehold is in a state of turmoil. Tradition dictates that with the turning of the seasons, the Court changes in kind. With summer coming to a close, the Summer King has presented sudden resistance. The Autumn Queen was once accused of Loyalist sympathies, and the Middle of the Road had had a number of its members kidnapped by the Gentry. Though she was cleared of all wrong doing, the stigma has long stayed. The Summed King hasn’t been shy in reminding the freehold of this.

After a night of networking for Steve, learning the lay of the land for V, and self tattooing for Whistler, the night came to a close.